Inlet Yoga Teacher Training Application

This application for ANY Yoga Teacher Training at Inlet Yoga is not optional. Most times we require it alongside a deposit or full payment for the teacher training. More information on tuition and dates for the training you are applying for can be found on the main Inlet Yoga Website , you can call us at 800.435.6038, or email us at [email protected] for more information as well.

Please answer a few short questions so we can get an idea of your background in yoga and motivations to become a teacher. The Inlet Yoga team will review them and get back to you shortly after submission regarding acceptance into the program.

Once you have submitted your application, and if you are sure you are ready to join us on an amazing journey, please take advantage of our online store located at theInlet Yoga Website.  Should you feel more comfortable speaking to someone over the phone, please contact us at 800.435.6038.

Instructions for Applying for ANY Teacher Training Program at Inlet Yoga Studio

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Please provide a detailed description of your daily yoga practice. Which postures do you practice during a typical session? Do you practice meditation? Do you practice pranayama? (required)

What is your favorite style of yoga to practice and why is it your favorite? (required)

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How has your involvement in yoga developed over time? (required)

From a student’s perspective, what qualities do you think make a great yoga teacher? (required)

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What are your goals as a yoga teacher if you become certified? (required)

Teaching Experience

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Health Questions

Your answers are held in the highest privacy, but are required so that we understand your level of health to ensure that you do not over exert yourself.

Please discuss with Jennifer Vafakos any medical condition that might affect your participating in the Program and practicing and teaching yoga. All information that you provide in this application, to the Program Director, or to any of the instructors will be held strictly confidential.

Are there any health concerns the Inlet Yoga Studio and School of Yoga should be aware of in order to support you in this training? If yes, please explain. If so, what? (required)

Tuition and Fees

You agree that you have have fully reviewed and understand the tuition fees associated with the training(s) you are applying for using this application. You agree to a non-refundable deposit and/or full payment in the amount(s) indicated and by the dates provided on the Inlet Yoga ( and websites. The full balance of the training will be due and payable 14 days before the beginning of the first class of the Program.

I accept the tuition terms above:


In order to make an informed decision about your application to enter the Program, we must be able to rely on the truth and completeness of your information. You must answer all questions fully and honestly. If you are forced to leave the Program because of a health consideration, your opportunity to continue in another session is at the discretion of the Teaching Committee. By digitally agreeing below, you affirm that the information provided in this application is true and complete.

If I am participating in the Program to become certified as a yoga teacher, I have carefully read the Certification Requirements and accept the requirements, conditions, and agreements expressed therein. I understand that the Teaching Committee may deny the opportunity to pursue certification to any student who it determines has not met the Certification Requirements in the exercise of its sole discretion. I understand that my failure to meet the criteria will result in my not being certified. Please initial here:

I understand that providing inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading information is grounds for rejecting this application, being required to leave the Program after I have commenced participation, or the revocation of my certification after completing the Program. Please initial here

I have carefully read the Agreement at and the Release of Liability and understand that the Studio is not responsible for any physical or psychological harm that may result from my participation in the Program. Please initial here

I have carefully read the Code of Ethics statement in the Agreement located at and understand that any violation of the Code of Ethics during the training could result in my not being certified and that any future violation of the Code of Ethics could result in the revocation of my certification. Please initial here

I have read and understand the refund policy set forth in Section 1 of the Agreement located at Please initial here

I have read this document in its entirety, understand it and agree to honor it. I also understand that by signing the application below, I am agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

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