Inlet Yoga Teacher Training Agreement

Teacher Training Program Agreement

Section 1. Refunds The deposit for Inlet Yoga teacher training(s) are non-refundable under any circumstances. If you cancel your participation in the Program not later than 14 days days prior to the first day of the Program, Inlet Yoga (the “Studio”) will provide you with a refund of the Program fee that you paid (less your deposit). If you attempt to cancel within 14 days of the start of the Program, no refunds will be given. I understand that I am entitled to no refunds, credits, or adjustments resulting from my failure to complete or satisfy the certification requirements or to comply with the Code of Ethics in the event I am certified. I understand that the Studio is under no obligation to award any credit for past experience or training if I fail to complete the Program but may do so in the exercise of the sole discretion of the Teaching Committee (the “Committee”).

Section 2. Teacher Training Certification Requirements I recognize that the Program has been designed to provide yoga education for students who are pursuing certification by the Yoga Alliance and for those who wish to deepen their yoga practice without becoming a teacher. The Program is intended to result in the completion of the indicated number of hours of training located on the Inlet Yoga Websites ( and If a student successfully completes the indicated number of hours of training within the chosen training program, and desires to continue training to pursue certification by the Yoga Alliance, the student will meet with the Program Director to determine if it is appropriate for the student to pursue certification. If the Program Director does not approve a student’s desire to pursue certification, the student may request that the Committee review the student’s application. The Committee will conduct a fair review of the situation and any determination of the Committee will be final. For those students who are approved to pursue certification, discussed trainings, passing of any required testing, successfully teaching and being mentored within the training, and may/will make you eligible for approval for certification by the Program and the Yoga Alliance. Participation in all practice sessions is mandatory for certification. We require 100 percent attendance. If you need to miss any session you must speak to the Program Director prior to the session as early as possible. You are responsible for any course material missed. Makeup classes by instructors will be billed to the student at $195.00 per hour.  In addition, all students must possess the skills and abilities necessary to safely and competently teach yoga, and a high level of emotional and mental stability and maturity.  If a student fails to possess and maintain emotional, mental stability, and maturity, the student may be reviewed Program Director and/or the Committee and may be released from the program at the Program Director’s or Committee’s sole discretion with no refund whatsoever, for the well being and safety of the other trainee participants in the Program.  For those students who are pursuing certification, the Committee reserves the right to withhold certification from any student who fails to develop and demonstrate the necessary skills, competencies, maturity and emotional stability necessary to safely and competently teach yoga. Any student denied certification has the right to seek the review of the Committee. The Committee will conduct a fair review of the situation and any determination of the Committee will be final. You hereby agree to waive and release any Released Party from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, and expenses (including, without limitation legal fees and expenses) suffered by you as a result of any misstatements made by you in this Agreement, your failure to disclose any physical or psychological condition which may impair your ability to complete the Program, your failure to complete the Program or any reason or your participation in the Program. “Released Party” shall mean the Studio and its owners, agents, representatives, employees, independent contractors, workshop presenters and teachers. Subject to meeting all of the requirements for certification described above, certification will be granted when all payments and fees have been fully received by the Program. The Studio does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, disability, or sexual preference.

Section 3. Participation and Challenges I understand the Program has been designed to create the optimal yoga education for the majority of students. I recognize that this Program has been designed to provide yoga education for students who are pursuing certification by the Yoga Alliance as well as those who wish to deepen their yoga practice. During my participation in this Program, I am responsible for monitoring what is safe for me and I can stop my participation in any experience at any time. Although my attendance is required in each session to become certified as a 200-hour yoga teacher, I recognize my responsibility to speak up or take myself out of an experience if I feel unsafe. I do not, and will not hold, any Released Party responsible for my physical and psychological well-being. The Program recognizes that the nature of yoga is to promote physical and psychological growth through which profound transformation can occur. It is your responsibility to do your best to uphold and foster a sacred, safe environment to foster transformation. It is important for you to possess a high degree of emotional maturity and personal integrity in order to serve and empower your students. I understand that during the course of the Program, I will be challenged physically and psychologically and encouraged to take personal risks. I understand that practicing yoga is often about exploring new boundaries and limitations and that no Released Party is responsible for any physical and psychological risks that I may choose to take in connection with my participation in the Program. I understand that the study of yoga involves exploring and discussing different religious, personal and belief systems. These belief systems may be different from my own. I understand that the Program is not requiring me to change my beliefs in any way.

Section 4. The Code of Ethics If I become certified as a Studio yoga teacher, I agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics set forth by The Yoga Alliance.  The Yoga Alliance Code of Conduct can be found at

Section 5. Revocation of Teaching Certification Any complaint about the unethical behavior of a teacher who has been certified by the Studio’s Program will result in a thorough and fair investigation by the Committee. This investigation will offer the opportunity for the teacher to present his or her statement of the facts and circumstances of the behavior. If the Committee finds that a teacher has violated the Code of Ethics, the certification may be revoked in the sole and complete discretion of the Committee.