Year Long 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Only at Inlet Yoga

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One Weekend a Month Starting August 2018

We know life is busy, and that sometimes you just can’t cram a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training into four short months of your life, and you’re bummed you cannot get in on it…  That’s why Inlet Yoga is announcing our “year-long” 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program starting August 2018.

 It’s the same great Yoga Teacher Training, but you only attend training one weekend a month at Inlet Yoga Studio.  And yes, you still have to do your homework in between…  You’ll still get unlimited Yoga Classes throughout the year.  Best of all, you won’t have to miss your vacation, weekends with friends and family, or compromise your lifestyle while you enhance your practice and gain the foundational knowledge to teaching to becoming a Yoga Teacher.

Click below to see the schedule and to learn more.